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In 2008 I wish I would have had someone tell me exactly what to expect when working in “Crisis Ministry.” I was 22 years old and thought I had it all figured out. Since 2009 I’ve had the opportunity to start an organization from scratch, inherit a board of directors, get a new board of directors, work at a church, create leadership teams, work with politicians, develop and purchase real estate, partner with churches, develop school partnerships, lead volunteers, develop donors, create by-laws and legal documents, connect with judicial partnerships, run capital campaigns, hire and fire staff, deal with the media, engage businesses in the community, and the list goes on.


I’ve hosted thousands of individuals, countless groups, US Senators and politicians, business leaders, and people just like me…people with a burden God placed on their heart. They all had one goal- find out what the talk was all about and if it is possible to franchise One Eighty across the country. My answer was simple- no. Because One Eighty is unique to our community. And your neighborhood, is different than ours.

However, Boruff Consulting is here to help you create a tailor-made program for your community.


If you have a dream and a vision- I want to see it happen. Sadly, more often than not I see those dreams and visions become a distant memory because of the things I mentioned above. What I want to offer is what I so badly needed in 2008. Don’t get me wrong- I wouldn’t be here today without hundreds of people that were there for me. But because successful crisis ministry is rare it was tough for me to find someone to talk to. It was difficult for me to connect with someone who started with nothing and experienced those things I was getting ready to meet head on.


That’s why today Boruff Consulting offers our services to businesses, organizations, individuals, and churches. 


  • This is for those who have dreams and visions but are having a difficult time getting support and creating it out of nothing.  Or maybe you haven’t even taken a step out of fear of what others might think.  We want to help you make that dream become a reality.


  • If you work for a business or have a business that you want to see make an impact in your community- we will help you plug in and make a difference without enabling those you are serving and creating an exciting experience for your staff at the same time. 


  • More now than ever non-profits and organizations need the community support.  But community support will only grow as the integrity and loyalty of your leadership, board of directors, and staff develops in key areas.  We want to help you from the top down develop an organization that is successful in its endeavors.


  • Through my experience in working for a church and developing their “outreach” what I realized was that many churches want to get involved in their community.  But there are a few things that keep them from it.  Some of those things are; lack of resources, lack of knowledge on how to, past experiences, and hurt feelings.


No matter what category you fit in- what you need to know is this; you aren’t alone and we are here to help.


Let us dream and journey with you.


(Subject to change)

Initial Consultation:  Free thirty-minute call to discuss your needs and what we can offer.


Community Engagement Package: If your existing church, business, organization, or civic agency has a desire to engage your community.

  • As needed ($50hr)

  • Contract ($45hr)

  • Materials and Travel not Included


Dreams Package: for the typical start up or simply need help in developing your ideas and dreams into reality.

  • As needed ($45hr)

  • Contract ($40hr)

  • Materials and Travel not Included


One Time: if there’s a one-time meeting, you’d like whether it be with your board, committee, friends, or just need one on one consulting.

  • As needed ($50hr)

  • Materials and Travel not Included

Speaking: available for small or large events.

  • Fee Dependent on Event

Boruff Consulting is also available for more intensive consulting contracts up to 30 hours per week, the price would be negotiated dependent on the situation.   


Don’t have the budget yet? Don’t be afraid to contact us to see if we can make something work. Trust me, I understand what it’s like to operate on a tight budget. Our goal is to be a blessing while also covering our expenses.

Non-Profit Specialty

Volunteers and Volunteer Management

  • Volunteer management software

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Volunteer retention

  • Volunteer orientation

  • Volunteer training


Property Acquisitions & Capital Cost

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Attaining properties

  • City relationships and codes

Fundraising and Donor Development

  • Fundraising Strategies

  • Donor Development

  • Grants and alternative fundraising strategies​

Organization Development and Structure

  • Leadership structure

  • Board development

  • Staff development


Church and Community Relations

  • Relating and recruiting faith-based partners

  • Business partners

  • Partnering with community organizations


Social Enterprises

  • Creating businesses within a non-profit

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